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Jan 7

Hygiene & Gum Therapy

When considering the smile, many people just think about their teeth. However, the teeth would be literally lost without their support structures. Good solid and healthy bone and gums are vital to a healthy mouth (and body!) and a beautiful smile.

Red bleeding gums will eventually lead to bone and gum loss, and even loss of teeth if it progresses. Numerous studies have linked chronic periodontal infections with systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and problems during pregnancy. At Lakeshore Woods Dental we strive to achieve strong healthy gums for all our patients for a lifetime of full body health.

Routine Hygiene care

At Lakeshore Woods Dental, each patient has a full periodontal examination with results tracked and assessed. Any problem areas are addressed to create a healthy mouth. Our patients are then encouraged to accept a uniquely timed routine recare frequency. Follow-up evaluations assure us that the healthy tissues are being maintained, and recare timing is adjusted as needed. At Lakeshore Woods Dental your mouth and whole body health are our primary concern and responsibility.